Friday, October 16, 2009

The Wacky 6-year-old and His Flying Machine

While sitting in the airport yesterday, my fellow passengers and I were mesmerized by the 6-year-old boy (we'll call him "Falcon", which also happens to be his real name) flying around in his parents' helium balloon. How terrifying for the parents and the child... awful story.

Then once I landed in Birmingham, I found out from my momma that the balloon landed in a field and there was NO ONE IN IT. The obvious conclusion here, since the boy's brother insists Falcon was in the balloon when it took off, was that little sweet Falcon had fallen out somewhere and was either stranded in the Colorado Mountains or dead somewhere. Awful story.

Then a little later in the evening, I found out from Scott that Falcon was actually in the attic the entire time! Safe and sound.


My mom would have beat my ass if my brother or I would have pulled something like this. We knew better than to get in the drivers seat of the car and act like we were going somewhere, let alone get in the helium balloon that was in our yard. (And yes, we had one too... didn't everyone?)

I can't believe these parents have raised these kids like this. So I did a little investigative work today. Here's a teaser to what I found: they were on Wife Swap, are storm chasers by trade and are UFO enthusiasts (and are clearly attention whores)
The best thing I found: Here are the brothers Heene in their very own rap video, hanging out on train tracks, playing with rattle snakes and murdering their teddy bear. They are like squeaky-voiced Beastie Boys who are clearly in need of therapy or maybe just some good old fashioned military school.

I, for one, am very excited for these boys to grow up and become members of our society.

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