Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Honesty on Facebook

So I got to looking at my Facebook profile and I realized that the "About Me" info was really just a bunch of fluff. I think we are all guilty of this. I wonder what it would be like if everyone were completely honest on their profiles. I decided to do just that... check it out.

Sex: Female

Birthday: September 24, and I'll never tell you the year

Hometown: Jacksonville, AL

Relationship Status: Single...still

Politicial Views: I actually have no earthly idea

Religious Views: Christian - Episcopalian

Personal Information


What I really wrote: Working out, Yoga, playing with my pets, trying to make my house and yard look good, and relaxing. Spending time with my family and friends.

The honest truth: Google Stalking people, from potential friends to potential boyfriends, to really wealthy people (just to see how the other half lives), obsessing over celebrities' lives, dancing around my house like a crazy person (alone) (clothing optional), playing with my pets, trying to make my house and yard look good, spending time with my family and friends.


What I really wrote: Playing bass, gardening, having a great time all of the time! I'm also a damn good cook! I am fully aware that in college all I could make in the kitchen was a mess and several small fires. I have turned a new leaf I will have you know.

The honest truth: Gardening, I hate jazz but I love playing it, I hate working out but I do it anyway, I love yoga but I can't afford the classes, I love to cook but I'm tired of cooking for "one". It would be nice to cook for someone every night.

Favorite Music: (This one is good and honest)

Anything acoustic - Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Janis Joplin, James Taylor, Cat Stevens

Favorite TV Shows: (This one is good and honest)

I own all six seasons of Sex and the City. Also love Grey's Anatomy, Chelsea Lately and SNL. Don't tell anybody but my real favorite is Jeopardy. I am such a nerd.

Favorite Movies: (This one is good and honest)

Great Expectations, anything with Will Ferrell

Favorite Books:

What I really wrote: Alice Hoffman books, Nicholas Sparks and Dean Koontz, all the Classics, People magazine (addicted)

The honest truth: Trashy novels full of debauchery, Alice Hoffman books and People magazine. Lately I am learning to enjoy reading the bible.

About Me:

What I really wrote: I am one goofy person. But dang it I have fun. I have a beautiful shih tzu named Bama. She is perfect in every way, except when she eats poo. I have a cat who works for me, his job is to kill mice. I pay him with food and shelter. I have a wonderful family and lots of beautiful friends. And by beautiful I mean hot. None of them are nice, but at least we look good.

The honest truth: I grew up in Alabama and I love that I am from there. I secretly wish I still lived there, and honestly nothing is stopping me from moving back. But I always end up deciding to stay here, so there must be something for me here in Fort Worth, Texas. I live my life to the fullest. I love the Lord with all my heart, but for some reason I can't talk about Him to just anybody. I have an awesome life - great church, friends, family, pets. I work for the best attorney in Fort Worth, hands down. I love my job and I try every day to do the best work possible in order to not be fired. I was fired last year and it brought me down a few rungs on the "ego ladder". I bought my house when I was 23 and sometimes it is way more than I can handle. So I have moments of panic. They always pass though. I am mediocre at best when it comes to finances, but I am getting better at it. I work seven days a week and I have a sneaking suspicion I work so much because it beats sitting in my empty house. I have so much to offer and I don't understand where the good men are hiding. Luckily I am not desperate... yet. Check back in 4 years when I am turning 30. :-)